Tärnan is a two-masted schooner built 1913 in Karlskrona, Sweden. As a cargo sailing vessel she was specially built for stone blocks shipping on the Baltic Sea.
Today Tärnans is renovated to her original shape and gives opportunity to experience an old sailing ship, combined with modern comfort.

Tärnan now has new owners; Dr Jennifer Gidley and Earl de Blonville. After owning Tärnan for 50 years, it feels really great to pass her on to real enthusiast. 
We are convinced that the adventures for Tärnan will continue! We really wish 
them Good Luck in sailing! In a short while this homepage will give you more information. 

Tärnan sailing on youtube
Tärnan sailing in the classic                   Sailing on a beautiful day
west coast ship race
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Name: Tärnan
Boat type: Schooner 
Sail area: 300 square feet
Built: 1913 in Karlshamn
Lenght: 22.06 meter
Widht: 5,85 meter
Rig: 22 meter high
Engine: MD 100 B, 240hk
Harbour: Gothenburg

Foto: Kjell Helin Foto: Anders Djerf Foto: Aldén